Amazing plants that make your garden look pretty and your veges grow

Marigold flower

If you plant these great plants with your fruit & veges you may find you get a better crop.




Borage flowers


Plant with tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries, squash.  The worms that infest toms and cabbages really don’t like living near borage, and the borage also encourages bees to the garden.  Plus the leaves are chock full of goodness, so put them in the compost afterwards.




basil plant


Plant with tomatoes and peppers.  They repel whitefly, aphids & mites, and attract bees (if you can leave the basil long enough to flower).  If not…  tomatoes & basil go great on pizza.




Marigold flower


Plant with everything.  1) It supposedly makes fruit & veges difficult to smell because it has a rather strong aroma, and is also distracting so the bugs get hung up on the marigold before moving on (by which tine they’ve had their fill).  2) Makes your sometimes ugly part of the garden look pretty!





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